About the gymnastic club l’Étoile de Monaco

“The history of l’Étoile de Monaco is rich, long and full of achievements individual and collective”

Here are some of the club’s most significant dates. A film dedicated to the 120 years of the club and a brochure detailing the history of the club is available. You can inquire it at the club office.

  • 1890: Eugène Marquet and Charles Vatrican found the Étoile de Monaco
  • 1899: Addition of a women’s section
  • 1903: Creation of the Herculis of Monaco
  • 1920: Merger of Herculis and Étoile de Monaco which becomes Monaco Sports
  • 1924: Monaco Sports becomes the Monaco Sports Association
  • 1926: L’Étoile de Monaco withdraws from the Monaco Sports Association
  • 1939: Inauguration of the Stade Louis II
  • 1957: Roger Forchino becomes President of the club and Michel Tharaud general trainer
  • 1997: First international performance of l’Étoile de Monaco gymnast during the Games of the Small States of Europe with Grégory Salerno
  • 1999: Bruno Nardi becomes President of the club
  • 2002: Inauguration of the Princess Stéphanie gymnastics halls at the vallon de Sainte Dévote

  • 2003: Creation of the Trampoline section
  • 2005: Thierry Aymesbecomes general trainer, assisted by Sébastien Guizol
  • 2007: The Games of the Small States of Europe are organized in Monaco and the club wins 5 medals
  • 2008: Luc d’Asnières de Veigy becomes President of the club
  • 2010: David Martin becomes the coach of the Trampoline section
  • 2010: First participation of a Monegasque gymnast, Kevin Crovetto, at the European Championships in Birmingham with a 73rd place out of more than 120 participants
  • 2011: First participation of a Monegasque gymnast, Kevin Crovetto, at the World Gymnastics Championships in Tokyo with a 159th place out of more than 260 participants
  • 2012: Dominique Bertolotto becomes President of the club

The club’s ambitions are to maintain the place which it currently has, namely the high level of performance achieved in recent years with a lot of sacrifice the gymnasts and their coaches made in Monaco, France and abroad.

As a team we are the vice-champions of France and as individually since 2005. We are proud to have several Champions of France in several categories. We obtained these results thanks to the involvement of the gymnasts but also of their parents.

I will not forget the trampoline section which for the 2nd year is back on the road to competitions and which will have a promising future thanks to the commitment of its trainer and competitors.

Today, the club is a family where there is a real harmony between the office, the technical team and the parents, all committed to the well-being and proper functioning of the club.

The time is now for competitions, in the short term at the French and European Championships, in the long term the World Championships (as we did in 2011 in Tokyo) and the next Olympic Games.

My best wishes for success and success accompany all those involved in this reality.

Dominique Bertolotto

I work on the gym school, educational circuits, performance gymnasts, evening general physical preparation classes and people with reduced mobility. Each audience has their goals and my role as an educator is to advise, guide them and get the best out of everyone.

Getting the best potential from each target means:

  • For the youngest: psychomotor development and respect for the rules.
  • For educational circuits: awareness of their capacities and develop them.
  • For high achievers: take up challenges and have the spirit of “winning” in a healthy sporting spirit.
  • For general physical preparation: prepare for the various entrance exams during competitive examinations or the bac. Target and achieve objectives by forming group cohesion.
  • For people with reduced mobility: take up the challenge which appears “extremely complicated, in order to improve daily life.

Thanks to a superb team of qualified educators, an office of dedicated volunteers and the support of the Monegasque Gymnastics Federation, we can all together make our dreams come true:

Support and maintain our passion for this magnificent sport “GYMNASTICS”, a true school of life.

Qualifying and supporting a Monegasque during the Olympic Games for Rio 2016 is the challenge for all members of the Star. Join this team spirit that drives us!

Thierry Aymes